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  1. How to

How to

Pay the lowest amount, make people build shit for you, and take away their freedom because now you are their owners. Control where they live most of their lives, and if “collaborators” get sick, or too tired (burn out). When… Just replace them.

May as well, in the world of software, call a companies RSaS, Replaceable Software as a Service - a key thing about sweetshop houses of software. Anyone must be replaceable. So, forget about state of the art frameworks and languages: you are doing good old JavaScript, written in 9 despicable days.

Because, everyone knows it. And the rationale is exactly “I must be able to fire your ass immediately. You shall not have any leverage on our godly manager” which, by the way, was born of a virgin and walks on water since three.

Well… Got keep looking a humane company, which I wanna make part as a family member, not as an employable cog.

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