Collapse of Biological Cycles

Table of Contents

  1. Climate-lag (BIO-CC)
    1. Fukushima
    2. Preferential futures:

Climate-lag (BIO-CC)

Most species's life cycle are, at most, of 30 years. When populations go extinct, because of global change. It happens "all of a sudden". Because one year you had them; the next, less than half; in 5 years, none - their offspring didn't survive, so the cycle collapses.

That's one of the whys some climate-crises-conditions only appear 10-30 year later (the so-called climate-lag)1,2.


Fukushima, for example, consequences are still being studied. From what we know, anyone who eats fish monthly, has "digested" radioative food 3 (photo). Not enough, they decided to release the Fukushima water they treated, saying it's safe to drink it - just as many have said, let the politicians who say that take the first sip 4.

*Image from Stanford's simulation paper (Worldwide health effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, John E. Ten Hoevea and Mark Z. Jacobson, 2012)


Preferential futures:

  • Remedy of biological collapses.
  • Sustainable industrialization of underdevelopment countries.
  • Share state-of-the-art technologies.

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